Chuck Warren has a lengthy political career in the Republican Party. He is currently the managing director of Silver Bullet, LLC. This is a firm which specializes in crisis communication, public affairs, and initiative qualifications. They have worked in states all over the U.S. Chuck Warren warren has worked for a number of major law firms, cities, developers, organizations, and companies like, Blue Cross Blue Shield,, Arches Health Plan, Delta Airlines, Comcast, etc.

Chuck Warren has long been a prolific fundraiser in Utah, including working as Finance Co-Chair for Republican Mia Live in Utah’s 4th Congressional District and the National Republican Congressional Committee Finance Chair for Utah and Arizona. He also served on the Utah and National Finance Committee for Romney for President in 2012.

Chuck Warren has raised money for numerous current and former members of Congress, political groups, etc. That includes Senator Mike Lee, the Straight Talk Express PAC, Representative Jeff Flake, Representative Jason Chaffetz, Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator George Allen, and Governor Jon Huntsman. He is proud to be associated with such major names in Utah and national politics. He has fundraised for these individuals and campaigns because he believes in their aims and their approach. Chuck Warren takes the responsibility of fundraising and serving as Finance Chair for a committee very seriously.